Why are you single? Best Dating Guides and Tips

There are many benefits of being single in life. We have the freedom and the independence to do it all, not being constraint by anything in life. Yet it’s not all roses and sunshine, many people yearn for a meaningful connection but can’t find one. For the most part, all singles hate one thing that everybody asks: why are you single? This is easily the most dreadful and unanswerable question for all singles around the world. Still, it’s a question that comes up in almost all social gatherings and can lull the entire conversation at once.

To begin with, it’s inappropriate to ask someone why they are single. Most likely because it’s hard to answer in the first place and it makes the whole situation annoying and awkward for all. This kills the mood instantly but there are always people who are comfortable asking this question. As such, there can be various reasons for a person to stay single. Here, they may not be comfortable sharing their circumstances. Some have past scars, while others are still searching for the one. Similarly, some don’t have the proper guidance and the know how to start one. Some are happy single while others are emotionally dependent on others.

Although relationships can feel like a baggage for some, many people are open to the idea of dating. Everybody wants to be loved and well taken care of. However, they are not successful due to various reasons. Not all people have the privilege to have someone who love care for them unconditionally. In this case, we have collected some amazing dating guides and tips that you can follow to assist you in your journey to find the one for you. They are listed hereafter.

Dating guides and tips

  • We should always limit our expectations form others. Here, we should not force our ideology and expectations into our partners. They also have their own personality and can feel pressured by our expectations from them. Hence, we should always respect their personal spaces and choices.
  • At the end of the day, we should choose the one that chooses us. We should find those who make us feel safe and comfortable. In the meantime, we shouldn’t rush and learn to be patience and someone will come along who will go out of their way for us. Patience is the key.
  • People should always try to find and build genuine connections. We should be curious about their life and tell them about ours while respecting each other’s privacy. Furthermore, it’s always best to pay attention to all the small things. It shows that we care and are properly listening to their needs.
  • People should understand that relationships are not a onetime thing and definitely not the end of the world. They should always be ready to handle rejection gracefully and be ready if the other party doesn’t feel the same. In the meantime, we should not be sad but try to stay positive about the next one.


Relationships are complicated as people have their own individual interest and requirements. In the first place, there are no universal dating advices or guides that work for everyone. At the end of the day, advices and tips are only there for references and to guide us. In this case, we shouldn’t be sure to succeed through the above mentioned tips and advices. In conclusion, we should always understand our partners and their needs while showing them ours. This is the secret for having long lasting relationships without much effort.

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