Top 10 Mistakes We Make With Our Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos

When you make a POF Account, it is a must to have a good and attractive profile. The profile will give the first impression to the people checking your account. Hence, you must have good photos uploaded in your profile. Below are some common 10 Mistakes People Make With Their Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos.

The common 10 Mistakes People Make With Their Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos are:

  1. The silly mistake people tend to make is that they create an account to find a match, but tends to post a photo that includes you with your pets or anything else like art. People create a POF account with an intention to find a perfect match, so it better to post photos of him/her only, not an art or pet or any travel photos.
    Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos
  2. Not keeping your profile updated is another major mistake. If a photo is too old, then it will be quite difficult for another person to recognize you. Therefore, your photo should be updated from time to time.
  3. A photo without a caption is also a mistake. It will be difficult for people to guess who is actually in your photos. A group photo you add can make you look like you have a lot of friends but many people won’t prefer looking at your whole squad.
  4. Posting very few photos or posting too many photos is also not a good idea. It is better to upload 3-4 photos but with varieties i.e. showing the different aspects of your life.
  5. Using artistic photos or filtered photos in your profile is also a common mistake. You may not be recognizable to another person. In such cases, many people tend to find the next person who is better and more fun.
  6. It is better not to post photos with sunglasses. Remove the sunglasses and let people see how beautiful your eyes are.
  7. The dating profile photos should never be too serious without smiling or lost in your own thoughts. Better post some attractive photos.
  8. In a dating profile, it is better not to post photos that are too small, blurry or taken from a far distance. The quality of the photo is an important factor.
  9. Using modeling photos in a profile photo may also be a bad decision. As there may be some question on do you really look like this as a person? Hence, it is good if you post some normal photos.
  10. Selfies are better if you don’t click them in front of your bathroom mirror and posting the same mirror-selfie.

So, these were the top tips regarding Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos. Hope it will guide you better!

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