Things Men Hate About POF Female Profile

There are many women in POF who have very amazing looking profile. And it is important if you are serious to find a date in POF. If your profile cannot catch the eye of the coming guys then using the POF doesn’t make much sense. And as a women one should think an extra about how she can attract guys.

To make guys message you first you need an attractive profile but that is not all. Even if you have a good looking profile, there might be one or two things that men hate about female profile.

So here we have made list of 6 things that you should avoid in your POF profile. These things are generally is hated by men and tend to avoid women who mentions those things in their profile.

Things Men Hate About POF Female Profile are:

  • A lot of pictures of you with expensive looking cars, dress or objects:

When you post your pictures POF then you want people to like them. And almost everyone posts hoping that people will notice them. Things get weird when you start posting you with expensive objects on POF. You are there to find date on POF not show off your assets.

And guys don’t like them much as they will believe that you will empty their pockets every time you go on a date.  In addition they will think that you are a materialistic person. Therefore most of them will avoid you. Occasionally posting one or two is okay but not many.

Things Men Hate About POF Female Profile

  • Preference about races:

As women there are always some preferences about race they want to date. But don’t just post them in your profile. It will make you look like a rude person and a racist which you are not. And guys hate those things.

Instead mentioning about your race preference just exchange messages with those you seem fit.

  • When your profile is empty or very little:

Guys messages women in POF looking at their profile. When they see that their profile is empty they think that either the user account is deserted or they have big ego. Either way this is not a very good thing to you.

So take time to write good things on your profile. Even it is shot write them. Do not leave them empty.

  • Comments regarding feminists and feminism:

POF is the place where you find guys that you like and text tem. If things go right then you might date them. It is not a place to talk about feminist and feminism. Even guys support feminism that doesn’t mean you go write on your profile.

So avoid those comments. Many guys don’t like such things at all. When the other party is more comfortable being around then you can talk in privately.

  • Pictures with another guys:

You are subscribed to POF to find Guys to date. If you post a picture directly with a guy then it will make you seem already in a relationship. So men will naturally avoid you. In addition it will make men hate you. As they think you are still looking for a guy despite having a man around you.

So just post a single picture of you like selfie or full shot. It is more attractive.

  • Old Pictures/ very few pictures:

You want guys to like the present yourself and go on a date. This is main reason you have signed up in POF. But you post an age old pictures and only one. Then you expect guys to message you. This is big no.

Men don’t like these things. They want to see how you look at present not how you look years ago. So put your recent picture on POF and add them often. Hence, these were the Things Men Hate About POF Female Profile. You can improve it as suggested and get matched with perfect one that you were searching for. Best wishes.

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