The 7 Essential rules of Dating

We all want to fall in love, hold hands together and go on lovely dates. But still many people feel difficult to manage their relationships. Either they do not give time to their relationships or either they do not know how. Either way this can cause rift in your relationship which is not a good thing.

Here we will discuss about some tips for dating for all those lovebirds out there. And it is not that difficult either. Dating starts when the couple officially decides that they like each other and they want to invest their emotions and time to each other.

Some minor mistakes can effectively make the relationship bitter. So here are 7 essential rules for dating for all those awkward couple out there.

7 Essential rules for Dating:

  1. Dress smartly and appropriately every time on dates:

No men or women like their partners to look shabby. They want their partner to look good and smart. Even in casual dates you cannot go wearing a shorts or slippers. These are big no. You need to learn to dress up appropriately as well. Be aware of any events and places you will go with your partner and dress according to it.

Just by this you can make a very positive impression subconsciously to your partner.

The 7 Essential rules of Dating

  1. Give compliments:

During the start of any date or during early stages of relationship, starting a good conversation is the key. And for this giving compliments are the best. It is easy and does wonders. Just compliment about the dress, shoes, hairstyle and accessories. And depending upon the mood little flirting is best. Saying you look beautiful in dress, smile and even your perfume.

It is a great starter for conversation and it also validates your partner’s choice with your appreciation.

  1. Have conversation in two way direction:

While dating, choose the topic where both can have their say. When only one speaks and other listens only it becomes boring after a while. Even if your date is a good listener give them chance to speak and converse.

If it is difficult asking some causal questions about hobbies or work can be asked.

  1. Limit use of your phone as possible:

When you are with your date do not concentrate on your phone. It is big letdown. Also this creates an impression to your date that your phone is more important to him/her.

If you check your phone more often then, the conversation becomes more and more tiring.

So, your phone can be hindrance. Be careful.

  1. Talking about your ex is banned:

Out of the all conversation topic in the world, talking about your ex is banned. The topic itself causes an awkward situation as your partner or date cannot really comment about it. It also makes an impression that you still have some feeling left towards your ex.

Do not talk and steer the conversation to another direction. But also do not forcefully avoid the topic either if your date asks about your ex.

  1. During dates, plan an activity:

If you are going to date after a long time plan an activity. Rather than conventional dinner or movies plan something else. Make your partner know that you are best for her. Take her out for camping or long walks or even for a drive. If you present yourself as boring person, then your partner will soon lose interest in you.

  1. Call and text him/her frequently in orderly manner:

There might be time that you are too busy with work and family that you cannot give enough time to meet your partner. In such time just an casual text or call does great things. It conveys your partner that you still think of him/her at busy period and care for her.

Just good night talks and message help to bring your relationship more closer.

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