POF vs Zoosk Dating

POF vs Zoosk Dating

There are many platforms that provide free dating services to its members. People have lots of choices when it comes to online dating today more than ever. Although, all dating sites have the same end goals, they differentiate themselves through their process of achieving their goals. Many free dating services provide various advanced features and services that appeal to the masses making them popular while others charge for those services. Among those free dating sites, plenty of fish (POF) and Zoosk are one of the most popular ones. And here, we are going to compare both of them to know what kind of dating experiences that we can get from them.

Overview Zoosk

Zoosk is one of the most popular online dating platforms started in December 2007 and currently available in 80 countries and more than 25 languages. In the first place, Zoosk originally started as a Facebook app which shows its connections to social networking and creative mobile application integration. Here, Zoosk mostly caters to young people in their 20’s to 30’s and it consists of 52% females and 48% males.

Overview POF

Plenty of fish (POF) is a popular online dating platform based in Vancouver, Canada. It’s available in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and many more. Likewise, it’s also available in nine different languages based on those regions. POF has over 150 million registered users with around 65000 daily additions. Here, it consists of 55% males and around 45% females and they are of varying age groups unlike Zoosk’s.

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 Features: POF vs Zoosk Dating

Both POF and Zoosk have a number of appealing features readily available for its user base. Here Zoosk takes a fun approach to online dating through games integration or gamification. Likewise, Zoosk includes other appealing features like Behavioral matching system, their unique social networking integration and many more. On the other hand, POF uses traditional methods that include search and match functionality. Here, they also provide other features that includes live streaming, advanced search engines, personality tests and many more.

Ease of use \ Site navigation

In terms of ease of use, both platforms have a well-designed and easy to use websites. Above all, both POF and Zoosk have done a lot of optimizations and redesigns to make their websites appealing to the masses. Here, Zoosk has relatively prettier site than POF and is also easy to use. This is also the reason for its popularity in the young adults as well. On the contrary, POF has a simply designed sites with the basics nailed. It can be hard to navigate for some but it’s easy once users are familiar with it. Furthermore, it can also be used by senior people after getting used to for some time.

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Price: POF Vs Zoosk Dating

Both platforms charge some amount for their premium services but they also have provisions for free memberships as well.  Here, the free memberships are not equal and POF definitely provides more features for their free users. Similarly, Zoosk also charges significantly more than POF for their premium membership with very little added benefits.


Both platforms are very popular and people prefer them as per their needs. Here, Zoosk can be an ideal place for young adults because of their social networking and gamifications. On the other hand, POF is ideal for all as they have members from all age group and is feature rich even for free memberships. Hence, we believe that POF is better because it provides many premium features and is a good entry point for any one starting online dating without age restrictions.

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