POF vs Passion Search Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, millions of people agree that it is important to choose right site to find the right kind of relationship.  Whether you are looking for a casual relationship or a more serious relationship choosing right platform is important. Even if you are just looking for a casual hook up you need to look at right places.

And online dating sites are the place you mainly end up with. There are many online dating sites for that but here we will be discussing about POF (Plenty of Fish) and Passion Search. These two websites are primarily made for dating purpose but they are different. And they services are also not same by far margin.

So if you are confused then here are some the basic details for POF vs. Passion Search dating.

If you want compare them side by side, here is our take for this.

POF vs Passion Search Online Dating

About POF:

POF is a very free online dating site and it has over 100 million subscribers all over the world. So basically in POF after you join you meet people whom you would like to date by texting back and forth. Basically you meet people online message them and if you feel good then you meet as potential romantic partner.

Importantly you can look for short term or a long term relationship without feeling concern for any sexual orientation.

About Passion Search:

To talk about Passion Search and be very straight forward about it you can take it as a hookup website meet singles who you think are hot. This website for starters looks like adult site. And you can meet hot singles and meet them.

But what Passion search actually does is try to join a dating site with a hookup services. There are also many profiles with absolutely NSFW content with also some normal online relationship site like message option.

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Now let us move to main difference:

Sign up process:

POF requires fairly standard process for registration and a verification process as well to add on that.

But Passion Search only needs to fill form of 12 fields and no such thing as identity verification. So it is can be considered a quick and easy.


POF is absolutely free to register and to use. Of course you can use a premium account for some cost and enjoy additional services. But most of them are absolutely free.

Passion Search allows the users a trail period for free but they will charge you additional costs if you want to extend the time.

Mobile apps:

People can enjoy POF services on their mobiles without using browser. You can install POF on both your android and iOS phones.

To Passion Search users they can only go to their browsers to enjoy the services. Currently they do not have mobile application for users.

Dating process:

If you are looking for a good online relationship then Passion Search is definitely not for you. There is a lot of nudity on the site and the site mainly is for hookup.

POF is more of your standard online dating platform, if you are more into romantic relationships.

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