POF vs Badoo Dating

Badoo and POF are two of the biggest online dating site in the world. They both have millions of subscribed users around the world and they are highly rated for online dating purposes. But for those who are wondering what dating site they are to choose if they are given two choices. Of course choices being POF and Badoo.

Online dating is the place if you want a break from your usual way of making new friends or meeting new people. Online dating allows you find people from all around the world and make friends with them. Even if you are looking for a casual relationship or for serous relationship online dating site like POF and Badoo is the place.

But to choose from either one of them you have to know some basics and here we have them. So for starters let us know about both websites first.

Similarities of POF and Badoo:


POF or Plenty of Fish is a Canadian based online dating site which is rapidly growing in popularity in the world. It is available in multiple languages and its services are spread in many countries around the world. Most importantly you can register for absolutely free and enjoy its services. POF also supports various sexual orientations to accommodate its wide range of users around the world.

POF vs Badoo Dating


Badoo is also available as a free to use online dating site. It based on Russia and developed by Andrey Andreev but it’s headquarter is currently is in Soho, London. Currently it is available in many European countries and in Latin America.

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Now we get the basics let’s move to the main differences between POF and Badoo.

  1. Signup Process:

Both of the websites can be registered for free. But sign up in Badoo is relatively than POF.

In Badoo all you need to do is fill up the basic information about you. After that state why you are joining the Badoo for short term or long term relationship. Then you provide your email for verification. Once checked and verified then you can start using the site.

For POF other than filling up basic form you need to state all about your interests and hobby to find a match. You also have to answer few questions about your personality as well. It will then make compatibility test to find you a date.

  1. Facebook signup login:

Badoo allows users to sign up from their Facebook. So you can share your pictures from Facebook to your dating site.

POF whereas offers no such offers. POF members can interact with each other through POF only.

  1. Displaying who visited your profile:

Badoo allows the users to know about the people who visited your profiles.

POF allows that to their users too. But they need to subscribe for a premium account for that service.

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  1. Match making process:

In Badoo the match making usually happens directly by looking in the user pictures in their account. There is not much information available about the users except for their pictures.

In POF many details about users are displayed in their profile. This helps others to have a basic idea about the other person and how to date them.

  1. Meeting people:

Badoo uses GPS to meet people, but only after they agree to meet in person.

POF does not have such services and the users themselves are responsible if they want to meet in person or not.

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