POF Success Stories

We all hear many things about online dating services. Some are good and some are bad. More importantly everyone have their say. POF is one of the best online dating services and have maintained such position for quite a sometime now. The main reason is that they have had a lot of relationships turned into successful marriage.

So, here we are going to talk about 4 success stories from the POF. The couple here listed has their relationship begin from POF. Though their relationship started from one screen to another their relation is going strong as ever.

  1. Taryn and Keith Success Story via POF Dating:

Taryn and Keith are currently engaged and planning to marry soon. But their story in POF is amazing. Taryn is from Abbotsford, BC while Keith is from Emerson, Manitoba. Taryn did Live on POF and there is when Keith saw her. He then messaged and got ignored for a week. Only after around a week Keith got his reply and then their story started.

After messaging back and forth for a while they did FaceTime. Taryn says that most of their conversation was on FaceTime and gradually go to know each other better. After many online dates and FaceTime they finally met at Regina Airport and had their first date in person.

Well the rest is like everyone imagined, happy and lovingly together.

pof success stories

  1. Jeremy and Brittany POF Success Story:

Our next couple here is Jeremy and Brittany. They have been together for few years now and still going strong. Jeremy started messaging Brittany first after looking at her smiling pictures in POF. This was to be the start of their romantic journey.

According to them they did not start conversation for potential love interest but for a friendship. They first became friends and then later the relationship grew on them.

Jeremy says that the secret for their love was to take things slow. They did not rush things and gave each other time and attention. They did a lot of face time and gradually became closer to another. Brittany also says that one should always start as friends and let love grow gradually.

  1. Julie and Daren Love Story:

Darren was on POF for nearly two years when he came across Julie’s profile. And rest is history as they did not need to look for any other profile. Julie had tries other dating sites but with no real success. After Darren messaged her first Julie replied and they exchanged message for a week or so. They both liked each other profile first and that is what started their relationship.

After a while they went on to their first real date at a local sports bar to watch match of the Seahawks. They felt good and decided to go on another date and on and on went their relationship turning into something magical.

They got married at August 5th, 2017.

  1. Daphne and Kanyon Date and Love Story:

Kanyon was one day just browsing on the POF when Chester appeared.  It was then only matter of time that two of them fell in love with each other. Kanyon felt that Chester is very handsome and they started to message one another.

They messaged and talked to each other for a year. They did a long distance relationship, because they believed that the distance was long but absolutely worth it.

Kanyon proposed Daphne on Farris wheel on August 2018 in Humboldt county.

They got married November 11, 2018.

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