POF Message Limit

Plenty of fish is an online dating website which allows its user to be accessed to different features. The message you send to the opposite site can make that person feel interested in you or just opposite to that. A good conversation is a must in dating and POF know that very well. But still, you must follow the terms of POF while messaging as to stay inside the rules. Basically, they are all relating to POF Message Limit.

POF Message Limit Tips:

  1. Four duplicate messages per day
    According to the terms of POF, an individual can only send 4 duplicate messages per day. If a person proceeds to send the same message to more than 4 users, then their message access for that day will be blocked.
  2. Improper messages:
    If a person sends sexual, intimate or insulting messages to other users, then there is a high possibility of that user getting blocked by the opposite side and you might not be able to message them back.
  3. Unwanted links
    If POF notices any unnecessary and unwanted links to different websites in the messages then they might take action against it and also can block the messaging ability of your profile.
    POF Message Limit
  4. “Free account” inbox limit
    For a free user, if the inbox is full then you won’t get any new messages in the inbox. To get new messages, you will have to delete old, unwanted messages or upgrade to the advanced service users.
  5. Paid users services
    The advanced service users are much more facilitated with more services and security than other users. They have no inbox limit and also they can view if the message they sent has been viewed by the other user or not.
    After creating a POF account, you must seriously follow their privacy and policy. There will be strict action taken against people who do not run along those lines and might get revoked of their messaging ability or even get permanently banned.

So, these were all about the POF Message Limit. Enjoy POF chat and message service.

11 Replies to “POF Message Limit”

  1. I’ve been messaging the same girl for a week and pof suddenly stopped letting our messages go thRu to each other. Can u help me?

  2. How many messages in 24 hours can I send to first contacts, that is, each day, what is the maximum amount I can send?

  3. How do I know if some one reported me I have not posted inappriate photos nor have said explicate things to anyone but I cannot send messages to anyone

  4. How many first contacts can you have in a day?

    When does a free accounts inbox become full (how many conversations)?

    If I get a message but don’t respond does it count as a first contact?

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