Plenty of Fish Privacy Preference

Plenty of Fish (POF) is a very popular Canadian Online dating platform. It is very popular in Canada and its popularity is not limited to this country only. It has gained popularity many countries including United States, Australia, Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Ireland. It is also available in many languages based on those regions.

POF is absolutely free to use. However it does provides premium services to its upgraded members. A premium service includes the members to view who have “liked” the members in their MeetME feature and others service.

But with all those online dating, privacy of its members is very important. The privacy provided by both the website have its own policy and members need to follow them. But there apart from those POF policy members do have their say in some departments. And we will be exactly discussing some of the Plenty of Fish Privacy Preference among the members.

Some essential Plenty of Fish Privacy Preference:

  • Hiding the Profile Picture at will:

Well POF allows the members to hide or display their profile pictures when being searched. Of course for online dating, hiding your profile does not make any sense. But it does serve a practical purpose for this feature. If are dating someone else or if you want to take a break then this feature does come in handy.

Plenty of Fish Privacy Preference

  • Add or Delete Information by the users:

Users are allowed to add or remove the information about them to the site as they may seem fit. It means that you can rectify your account at any time by adding or deleting the information provided. It is good services as if you feel that your provided information is no longer valid or inaccurate.

  • Device locations or Notification:

POF mobile platform have the ability to provide permissions to locate your location. It also used your data from device and give notification. Users can go to settings and change them according to your preferences.

  • Account termination:

Of course the users or members may think that the POF platform does not help in their romantic life. At such case, they can terminate their account at any time. Another point is that users may feel that their credit card numbers and information are not safe. Then they can delete your account directly.

Online dating is popular these days. The number of users among dating sites are increasing day by day.  Plenty of Fish is among that website that makes up the top of the list. It ranks first in United Sates and United Kingdom for online dating platform. It popularity ensures that the users can meet the one they feel most compatible with. It aims to help users to find someone they actually spend quality time with. And it would be best if they find one they could spend rest of the life with.

With all those popularity it is obvious that users might be more conscious about their privacy. POF more or less do use the data provided by the users. But they only do it for matching the various profiles for the optimum match. They do not misuse them in any sorts. The main thing users have to be aware of is the people they are matched. They may be faking it so being careful is most important. You should never share your private details online.

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