Plenty of Fish New Features

Plenty of Fish (POF) is a popular online dating platform created to help single people build meaningful relationships.  The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and its main sources of revenue include advertising and premium membership. To begin with, the company was started in 2003 as an online site and it is available in many countries with major popularity in Canada. As of now, they offer their services in nine different languages. . Similarly, plenty of fish is one of the biggest online dating companies having 150 million registered users with 65000 new users per day. This is a quick intro. You can directly jump over the topic “Plenty of Fish New Features” to know its new features.

Since its inception in 2003, several new features have been added to cater the needs of the people. Various bugs have been ironed out and proper optimizations have been provided for both the desktop as well as the mobile apps. Furthermore the website has also undergone various changes so as to stay relevant in today’s era.

Likewise, some of the new features provided by plenty of fish are listed hereafter.

  • Live streaming on POF

Plenty of fish is one of the very few online dating services which allow live streaming from their users. Users either have the option to go live themselves or view others who are live streaming at the moment. Hence, this allows users to meet even more people and chat with other members in the plenty of fish community.

  • POF Minimum message length

Plenty of fish provides its users the option to set the minimum message length that they get from other members. This filters out many spams and helps narrow out the suitable candidates easily. In this case, it helps in making quality conversations which eventually helps to meet the right people.

Plenty of Fish New Features

  • Advanced search engine on POF

The members of the plenty of fish community have access over a wide variety of filters in their search function. In addition to the basic filters like age, sex, ethnicity etc. the users are able to select additional filters like the length of the match’s longest relationship, income status, body types etc. furthermore, there is also a nearby function which lets users speak with others within 0.5 miles of range.

  • Relationship chemistry test on Plenty Of Fish

The plenty of fish app also has a special feature called Relationship chemistry Predictor. The said feature can test the user’s personality and can get a comprehensive report about them. Furthermore, the app shows a list of potential matches as per the result of its personality test making it easy for its members to find a match.

  • Interest based matching

The members of the plenty of fish community are given the option to choose the relationship that they want. Here, they can find a match for a causal relationship, long-term relationship, hookup etc. Furthermore, all the information required are collected during the sign up process meaning that other members can easily find the user. Thus, interest based matching makes it easy to find the match easily,

In conclusion, Plenty of Fish has one of the most feature rich online dating platforms making it easy for its members to find their potential match. To begin with, it has also been constantly adding additional features making it easy for new users to navigate throughout the community. Similarly, there is tough competition from other sites providing similar facilities to its user base. Here, the plenty of fish differentiates itself from others through its superior features and ease of access to its members. Thus, this makes it one of the most popular online dating platforms in existence.

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