Online Dating Safety Tips

Online dating is all the rage nowadays. A lot of people have online dating accounts on various dating platforms across the world. Here, the 2020 pandemic has also largely contributed for the rise in popularity of online dating in particular. Furthermore, it is predicted that the online dating community will have around 70 million users globally by the year 2024. Here, it is a worthwhile alternative for people who have a busy life schedule or for them who have a hard time meeting people. Today we will discuss and guide you on online dating safety tips.

There are many platforms like plenty of fish (POF), tinder, the league, match and more which are available globally for use. These platforms collect sensitive user data from millions of people and this may expose us to various risks if leaked. Furthermore, there are many cases when these sites have been hacked leaking sensitive data of many people around the world. But, still there are millions of people who are seeking to meet a match online. As an example, all of those people won’t have good personalities; some may even have various criminal records as well. Dating sites don’t conduct background checks on their users, so it’s always good to have some safety precautions in place for the worst case scenarios.

Online dating also has its risks and we as users are responsible for our own lives. But, if we encounter any sexual assaults, harassments or violence while dating online, it’s not our fault. As such, some of the steps that we can take to ensure our safety while dating online are listed hereafter.

Online dating safety tips

  • First time users are always eager to meet their match offline. As such, they are the easiest targets for scammers and traffickers. Here, we should not jump into conclusions and feel out the other party first. Likewise, we should wait until we feel comfortable to the idea of meeting them.
  • It is always a good idea to find more information about our dates from other sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Here, we should not feel ashamed about a little social media search. On the contrary, it can provide us with more information to increase our chance of success.
  • We should always inform someone while meeting someone new. Furthermore, it’s also a good idea sharing our location constantly. This ensures that they can respond quickly in case anything goes wrong during the date.
  • It’s always a good idea to bring your own vehicle to your first date. This can come handy when we feel that the person in front is not the one for us. Hence, we can end the date faster and return on our own terms.
  • It’s best if we stay sober during our first date until we know the other person. Here, it’s always better to get home safe rather than risk being intoxicated. Additionally, we should not share our private information to strangers.

Online Dating Safety Tips

Is It Safe To Date Online?

As like all other things, online dating also comes with its own sets of risks and drawbacks. It’s our decision to go through it or not. Similarly, it’s not for everyone.  Here, we should always think our safety first than all other things. We should be ready to leave if things start looking suspicious. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to use as many safety measures as possible while meeting strangers. To summarize, we are responsible for our safety not the dating sites and platforms. We should always make our safety our priority. Hence, we can say our actions determine our safety while dating online.

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