How To Use PlentyOfFish Auto Message Responder

PlentyOfFish (POF) has a feature that helps you to send a message to the people who are online at the time when you are offline. This feature is also known as auto chat or even chatbot. This feature runs with the software you need to buy. You can buy the software to access that POF feature. Today we will see all those steps on “How To Use PlentyOfFish Auto Message Responder”.

Following are the steps on “How To Use PlentyOfFish Auto Message Responder”:

  1. Firstly, you will have to download the software. Go to the exact link of the software and download it. Or else click on scrapersnbots
  2. On that page, you’ll see a button that you need to click to help you download the software but before that, you need to enter the payment details.
  3. Once the software is installed, open it and then login with your POF account. The login process will help the software sync with the information that you have made while searching in advance mode.
  4. The synchronization with the advance search details will make it easy to get the person exactly what you want. As you go offline, make sure that auto bot has your account signed in.
  5. Using this software, when you are offline and someone with the most correct match comes online than from Advance detail then it will message them automatically. But the message needs to be saved in the clipboard of software.
  6. Then after that, when you are back online, you will be notified about the person that came online and how many messages were sent by your bot. It will also notify you about how many of them replied to you.

Thus, these were the steps on “How To Use PlentyOfFish Auto Message Responder”. If you have any confusion, please contact us.

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