The Complete Guide to the First 30 Days of Dating for Men

Relationships can be pretty confusing at times and times romantically beautiful feelings. For men starting a new relationship with someone is especially more so if you had a bad breakup previously. In such a case, it is very nerve-wracking to start a new relationship due to fear of losing something precious after getting emotionally attached. So, here is the complete guide to the first 30 days of dating for men. If you want to make a favorable impression in the shortest time possible then this might help. Above all The Complete Guide to the First 30 Days of Dating for Men will give you brilliant ideas to impress your crush.

So let’s go with a scenario where you are at the very start of your relationship.

First Week, First Date, First impression:

  1. The first date always needs to be memorable. So pay more attention. Dress up smart, smell good, do your hair properly and be punctual. You don’t want to be late at the very beginning.
  2. Go out on your first date. Do not do like home cooking or movies where you will spend a couple of hours staring at a movie screen, not your date.
  3. If your budget is a bit tight for a high-end date then you can just go for walks in the park or some great places in town. You can ask her if she wants to go somewhere and guide her. Show her that you respect her choice rather than deciding for her.
  4. Have a fun conversation. Listen more to her. That doesn’t mean you have to keep quiet. Just keep the conversations flowing freely from both sides. Ask her questions. Refrain from asking too private questions on a very first date. You can ask them at later dates.
  5. Make eye contact while speaking. Be confident. Do not use your phones too much. Give her attention and compliment her. Say she looks good and she has a nice dress, hair, eyes and more.
  6. Before parting asks her about the next meeting or date and ask her for contact info. If you have a car then drop her.

The first week is a very important period. After the very first date, you can text her frequently. But do not overdo it. It will make you look like a stalker. Maybe you might even go on a second date soon after.

The Complete Guide to the First 30 Days of Dating for Men

Second Week, Second Chapter:

  1. After the first week of meeting and texting you get the basic idea of her temperament. So this is the week to know her better. Take her to new spots, places and engage in fun conversation.
  2. Be smart and do not try to get overboard. Show her your natural disposition. You do not need a supercar and tuxedo to impress her. Making small gestures like helping walk if she is on the heel and asking questions about her likes and hobbies help a lot.
  3. On dates make sure you take her to do some activities rather than lunches or dinner. Take her to drive and go to places. If the budget is tight just having a walk on beaches and museums can work too.
  4. Show your gentlemanly side. Speak with care and respect. Throw away the notion that girls like bad boys.
  5. Have casual body touch. It doesn’t mean a sexual way. There is a big difference between holding and grabbing a women’s hand.

This is the week where you know her better. Make yourself time for her. If you are too busy then even casual text explaining about it is okay. But assure that in next date you will make up for it.

This way you can make amends for your lack of time at the same time fixing the day for your next meeting. Just like one stone two birds.

The Complete Guide to the First 30 Days of Dating for Men:

Third week: More meetings

  1. This is time you might feel like a couple. Treat your women the way you would like to be treated on a date.
  2. Be interested in things what she would want to say and do. Even if you completely disagree with her talks do not have a fierce discussion. Instead, try to divert the conversation to another topic. It will help to calm things down.
  3. Do nice things for her. Get her flowers or cook foods that she likes. If you cannot cook then just have takeout or learn together. But do not expect things in return. Just support her and be nice.
  4. Let her meet with your friends. This will make her feel a part of your life. But do not go on a group date. Three weeks is not enough time for her to be part of your friends’ circle.

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The Complete Guide to the First 30 Days of Dating for Men:

Final decision:

  1. Four weeks is nearly enough time to know for you whether you feel something special for her or not. You might be attracted to her in a sexual way or in a romantic way. This is something you must know.
  2. If you feel a spark between you and her then make more effort to let her know that you care for her. You want to connect with her not just in a physical way but more on the emotional part.
  3. Try to make her smile often and be happy too. Getting your woman to laugh is not a hard thing.
  4. Be honest about your feeling. And let her know about it too. Pretending to like her to get laid is not a good thing.
  5. If you do not feel any spark between you even after trying then you should know that she is not the one for you. Of course, if you cannot commit to a serious relationship then this might be fine too.
  6. During the fourth week if you do end up in bed together then make sure that both of you are satisfied. She is not a tool for your satisfaction only. Women like to cuddle during sleep. Be the man and do it.

Altogether, these are The Complete Guide to the First 30 Days of Dating for Men. However, if you want to learn more bonus tips you can always check our site and search for your preferred search query.

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