Avoid Being Catfished on Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of most used dating sites in the world. They have over 100 million subscribers around the world. The main reason for this is the site being absolutely free and anybody can use them. So many users who want to find a date can easily subscribe and become a part of it. All new users hope to find a partner that they can relate to and probably having a long term relationship.

But among those users there are some users in POF that do not care about the relationship and want to misuse the site. They will find a user who is desperate enough to find a date or gullible enough to believe anything.

So one always need to be smart enough to avoid being catfished in POF. Sometimes it is really not easy to know if one is being catfished.

So here are 7 sure fire methods one should know to avoid being Catfished on POF.

  1. If other party avoids talking directly and prefers to text only:

This is one of the main points one needs to consider for any users in POF. Everyone in POF is here to find a romantic partner. And to find that texting is first step. Then talking is another. But if other party avoids talking directly and makes a lot of excuse then be wary.

Even if other party genuinely do not want to talk or they want to catfish you, either way be careful. And if former is the main reason then you should distance yourself as the relation will not be possible anyway.
Avoid Being Catfished on Plenty of Fish

  1. When they don’t want video chat is:

Another sign is when they make excuses for video chat. There may be time when other party may use voice changing software for talking over the phone. But for face talk they have to show in real time.

Another reason is that they want to avoid any pictures that they might relate to their real account. So, if they are avoiding video calling for even after texting for long time then be careful.

  1. Time for Relationship Process is very fast:

Forming a relation is gradual process. Sometimes it happens to fast even when you meet occasionally. But in POF where you basically know other side through the screen it is not acceptable. When the other side is speeding up the process too fast either the other party is very desperate or you are being catfished.

  1. Check to their posts on social media:

If you have doubts regarding your partner then just check their social media outside POF. While interaction in POF you should get at least their social media. So check their posts. And compare them to the conversation you have had. Look at their friends and posts. Normally fake accounts have a fake pictures and their friends list are low in number.

Another way is to search if their posts have been shared by others or comments on their posts. Look if there are any congratulations posts or birthday posts are they are normal.

If there are any dissimilarities or doubtful post based on your conversation then think deeply.

  1. If they find excuses to meet in person or don’t send a selfie quickly:

When you are texting on POF for a long time a quick selfie is not much of a big issue. Also if one tend to avoid meeting directly then be suspicious.

Asking for a quick selfie and meeting someone after long time chatting on POF is normal act. If other party doesn’t do those, ask yourself the why question.

  1. Do not give money to anyone that you have never met:

If someone asks you money in POF for any kind of reasons after a texting for a while then think multiple times. The most basic and fast answer would be no and it is best answer. You should never give any money to any one you’ve only met on POF and never met physically.

If you want to avoid being catfished on POF then know this. Do not give any money.

  1. Gut feeling:

We all have those times that we have this feeling that something going bad or good without any concrete reasons. Dating in POF is also the same. You have this feeling that certain profile is good or bad and you start texting.

When you are texting a person on POF and you have this gut feeling that this is not good then stop. If still have some belief in other side then do a Google image search using the image that they have sent you.

Find proof that those are anywhere else on internet. This might be just the reason you need.

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