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POF is gaining popularity with its advanced features. It has been helping single people to find their perfect match online with the interest according to your own requirements. When you go to POF Search Page, you cannot find the specific search button or a place to enter the specific search. When there was a specific search button, people could find people with the same interests. Today you will learn these 6 Guidelines To Search By Specific Interests On PlentyOfFish.

But, now it is removed and replaced by a new Basic and Advance search (POF Search). You should also know about the basic and advance search both. The Basic search function will help you find your perfect match and is very time consuming while searching. But you won’t get accurate results according to your interest.

However, in Advance search, gives the best results according to the details provided. For this process, you need to fill a long format because the results will be the same. This Advance search is far better than the Basic search. As the results from advance search is people with your kind of interest and the type of partner you want for your life.

Following steps can be followed to Search By Specific Interests On PlentyOfFish or POF Advanced Search:

  1. Firstly open a browser and search for the POF site or click on the link http://www.pof.com to open the login page.
  2. On that page, you will see a login form where you need to will have to enter your email address or username and password in first blank second blank respectively. Then, click on the “Check Mail” button.
  3. Once you are logged in and you click on the Advanced Search for the best search in POF. As soon as you are directed to the advanced search page, you will see a long format as told before.
  4. The form includes different details that include: I am a Sort By, Seeking, User Wants children, Age range, Smokes, From, Does drugs, City or Postal Code / Miles, Province, Display Type, Detailed, Minimum Height, Drink, Maximum Height, Users With Children, Religion, Hair Color, Ethnicity, Sign, Pets, Eye color, Search Type, Body Type, Education, Income, Family Orientation, Easygoingness, Self-Confidence, Openness/ People Dependent, Profession, Intent, Marital Status, Personality, Second Language, Do You Own A Car, Ambition and Longest Relationship.
    Search By Specific Interests On PlentyOfFish
  5. You can fill the necessary details and the results will be shown with the similar things that can match requirements.
  6. After entering the details, click on the “Go Fishing!” button and then you’ll be shown with different results according to the details provided.

Thus, these were the tips to Search By Specific Interests On PlentyOfFish. If you have any queries, you can comment here or contac us via an official Facebook Account.

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